Dr. Thomas Boudreau is a professor in the Department of Conflict Analysis and Dispute
Resolution at SU. As a graduate student, he attended the Maxwell School of Citizenship and
Public Affairs at Syracuse University, New York, where he served as the research assistant for
Schweitzer Chair of Humanities Donald T. Campbell, as well as the administrative assistant for
Dean Guthrie Birkhead, a decorated combat veteran of Patton’s Third Army in World War II.
While in graduate school, Dr. Boudreau was appointed project director for the Crisis
Management Research Project at the Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs in
New York City. While there, he served as a private consultant to the Executive Office of the
United Nations Secretary-General (1982-1987), which resulted in his first book Sheathing the
Sword, the definitive legal interpretation of Article 99 of the U.N. Charter. At SU, Dr. Boudreau
has taught courses in Theories of Conflict, International Negotiations, Environmental Conflicts
as well as a hostage negotiations course titled “Communications, Conflicts and Critical
Incidents” with personnel from the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA.
Dr. Boudreau has taught international relations at American University, Washington,
D.C., Syracuse University and the University of Pennsylvania. He served as an unpaid legal
advisor along with Robert Silk, Esq. and his law firm, to the Permanent Bosnian Mission to the
United Nations during the Bosnian War (1992-1995). Dr. Boudreau has written three law journal
articles on the new Law of Nations, including “The Modern Law of Nations: Jus Gentium and
the Role of Roman Jurisprudence in Shaping the Post World War II International Legal Order”
(Digest National Italian American Bar Association Law Journal, 2012) and “The Law of Nations
and John Locke’s Second Treatise: The Emergence of the Fiduciary Legal Order During World
War II” (The Journal Jurisprudence, 2012).