Dr. Boudreau introducing  Mahatma Gahndi’s grandson, Dr. Arun Ghandhi, to his class in 2014.

Thomas Boudreau Ph.D. is Interdisciplinary Professor of Conflict Analysis at Salisbury University. While in graduate school at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, Boudreau was appointed as Project Director for the “Crisis Management Research Project” at the Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs in New York City. While there, he served as a private consultant to the Executive Office of the United Nations Secretary-General (1982-1987) which resulted in his first book Sheathing the Sword, which is the definitive legal interpretation of Article 99 of the U.N. Charter.

Since that time, Boudreau has written several books and law journal articles including the most recent one, which he edited with Dr. Juan Carlos Sainz Borgo, Dean at the Universidad de Paz, Costa Rica, entitled: Advances in International law and Jurisprudence: Enhancing the Role of the Judiciary in Upholding the Rule of Law. (2017) Elias Press, Australia. This book includes contributions from leading legal scholars from the six inhabited continents of the world, including Judge Garzon, the Spanish magistrate who successfully indicted General Pinochet in the 1990s. Dr. Boudreau wrote two chapters in the book, the first entitled: “PROMISES TO KEEP: THE LAW OF NATIONS AND THE POST WORLD WAR II INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ORDER,” AND CHAPTER 10, “PARADIGMS LOST AND FOUND: THE EMERGENT INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ORDER+” This latter chapter was printed earlier as a spate article by the same title in the Journal Jurisprudence. Volume Thirty, summer term, 2016 found online at: http://jurisprudence.com.au/juris30/tb.pdf

Boudreau is currently Professor the Department of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at Salisbury University where he has taught courses in International Law, Theories of Conflict, International Negotiations and Environmental Conflict.